Alive and Twenty Five!

WOWWW and just like that, i am 25 years old, im a few days late but i turned 25 on the 25th hehe apparently its my golden year and you know what im gonna receive that hahah! i am really excited to enter into this new year of my life as 24 was not the greatest for me for so many reasons but one of the big ones was that i had a serious health issue!

early April of 2019 i found a lump in my leg that was extremely painful and extremely HUGE! i talked with my hubby about it the day i found it but then i went to bed and forgot about it. The next day i went to the Gym and came back with pain in my leg and just thought nothing of the lump i had found and come easter Sunday i was up on stage leading worship and a sharp pain went down my leg and i instantly remembered that there was that lump i had found earlier that month. As im sure you could imagine, i panicked!!! i After church that day Mike took me into the ER, i was seen almost right away and the Doctor had me immediately do an ultrasound, as i waited for those results fear came over me like a cloud and all i once knew was no more. Once the doc came back with the results he said it was identified that i had a mass and that i needed a CT scan to see just how large of a mass we were dealing with so we waited.

After leaving the ER that day my life completely turned upside down and i felt completely broken, i now had this lump of who knows what and i was then left to see specialists and take tests and Biopsies! i was missing allot of work and trying to balance my life as best as i could and although i was doing this as “Normal” as possible my heart was broken. Somehow through it all i knew that everything was going to be alright no matter the outcome of the results and once i finally surrendered it all to Jesus i had answers! the rest of the year was still rough but i am proud and relieved to say that everything was going to be and still is fine. i had surgery to remove the mass in October and the recovery has been a challenge but once again by the grace of God, i am here and i am ALIVE… and im Twenty FIVE.

i want to dedicate this year to my Husband of almost 5 years, Hubby thank you for being my number one fan and walking along side me through the dark days and alsoooo the sunny ones! you are my BEST friend and my firm foundation! i love you Babe!

Lyss ♡♡♡

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