My Skincare Routine

Okay this has been a highly requested post but before i get into the details of my skincare routine, i have to let you know that this is MY own routine and although it works for me it might not work for you. i am NOT a professional so this is strictly my own opinions!

So i know this looks like allot but i find that in using different products my skin gets all that it needs to stay in a healthy condition. So for a little back story on my skin, i have medium skin its not dry but its not always super hydrated either, i also have a history of cystic acne due to an imbalance of hormones when i use to be on birth control. Because of that acne period i had to seek help from SEVERAL dermatologists and finally found one that works best for me. Now that i am off of pharmaceutical topicals this little routine works best for me.

i literally do this routine every single day so once i wake up i wash my face with warm water and the Green Cerave “foaming Facial Cleanser” to clean the skin. Now when i rinse my face i use really cold water to close those pores back up. Once i pat my face dry i put the Cerave “Daily Moisturizer” then i use the drunk elephant B and C Serums, it doesn’t matter what order i just use them both. I do wear makeup every day and i find that these products aren’t oily and dont leave a residue on the skin so my makeup glides right on.

Now i need to absolutely shower before bed every night so thats when i wash my face, since i wore makeup all day i need to do some extra cleaning and exfoliating so thats when i use the “Hydro Boost Cleansing Gel”, i then exfoliate with the “Hydro Boost Exfoliating Cleanser” and lastly i use one pump of the Tula “Keep it Clear Foam”. When i get out of the shower i use the Tula “Breakout Star” and then the Tula “Clear it Up” which act as my nightly moisturizers. I know its allot but my skin is very important to me and i like taking care of it.


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