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Our Pregnancy Journey

Our pregnancy Journey

Mike and I found out on September 8th of 2020 we were going to be parents for the very first time EVER and we were so excited as we strategically planned this and had been planning this for so long.

Before I get into things I just want you to know that our pregnancy journey like many I’m sure has not been easy and has definitely come with many challenges.

in the beginning of 2019 Mike and I decided that it was our year to try and conceive and unfortunately in April of 2019 after a very long ER visit I had found out that I had a mass growing in my groin and at that point our journey to have Baby Flo was no longer in the cards. After months and months of tests and biopsies, results came back that thankfully I did not have cancer and I just needed to have surgery to remove the mass that October.

Post surgery my Doctors wanted me to wait at least six months to try and conceive as they removed a mass the size of a tennis ball and I needed some serious healing. Well unfortunately a global pandemic hit and all of my appoints to be cleared to have baby got canceled and they wanted to examine me before they gave me the clear so we waited another 3 months until I could be seen and be examined but it was all worth it when I received the news that everything looked good for me to conceive in July of 2020.

We were so excited about some good news and couldn’t wait to start trying and planning for Baby. I started tracking my ovulation and didn’t waste no time in taking the opportunity to conceive. September 8th of 2020 we found out we were pregnant and ironically I had an appointment with my OB the very next day so I was happy to report to her that I was pregnant and she sent me off right away to do labs and check on everything to make sure I was good and healthy. A few days had went by and I received a call from my OB that I had thyroid disease and low progesterone and needed to be on progesterone hormones and thyroid medications right away if I wanted to keep baby Flo and not miscarry. Hearing that I could easily miscarry after all this waiting and planning for our little blessing was completely devastating for me and Mike but like always we turned to Jesus and put it in his hands.

Well that wasn’t the end of bad news or bad days as I turned sicker than sick and since its my first time ever being pregnant I thought it was morning sickness so I tried to stick it out as long as I could but week 11 hit and I found myself in the ER for 5 hours on multiple Iv’s and medications. The doctor told me I could have died had I not gone in that day and said it wasn’t morning sickness but some other horrible condition called Hypremasis Gravidarum (extreme nausea and vomiting). I was told that with this condition id be sick the entire pregnancy and that id have to go in to get IV treatments as often as I needed or be sent home with a permanent feeding tube and IV. I took my chances and declined that and here I am at 27 weeks and still sick but making it through and it has NOT been easy for me and I’ve had some of the worst days of my life being so sick but it has all been worth it when I feel Baby Boy kicking and squirming in there. So many have asked me to share my pregnancy journey and though its not even over yet I am completely grateful to be able to share and hopefully inspire someone.

Buy what you know you’re going to wear repetitively

Sometimes I’m wearing some of the same items over and over again and that’s because I buy things I know I’m going to wear multiple times so I can get my money’s worth! But things that will last rather than always trendy and goes out of style quickly!

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There’s Beauty in the Simple Things

Took Hubby on a fun adventurous date last night and there is something about the simplicity of the small things that brought so much peace during these crazy times. We talked about love, life and our wildest dreams! 🥰

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My Madewell Crossbody is still on sale!

Finally Got some one on one time with the hubby since he’s been busy with work. We had brunch at one of our favorite spots and then met up with our best friends for coffee, don’t you just love a good Saturday?
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Basic Tee under 30$

Basic Tee days are always my favorite because you can dress them up or dress them down like I did and still look put together! Ohh and Can we talk about these sandals? Their the seriously the cutest and can be paired so many ways, im going to wear them next with some boyfriend jeans and tie them around the bottom of the seams for a fun look!

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Old Navy Shirt on Major SALE

This Button Down shirt is on major sale and is super lightweight for the upcoming summer months., i sized u to a large for a relaxed fit. My jeans are from Abercrombie and are oh so comfy and im in a size 28 for reference. Screen Shot this pic or follow me on Liketoknow it where you can shop all of my looks!

My Free People Mini Skirt is a Best Seller

Had the best time with hubby trying out a new local spot that had the best pho, but i gotta say my favorite thing about it was the artwork which really captivated me. I love this outfit so much and my Free people mini skirt is a best seller. screen shot this picture or shop my Liketoknowit page!

American Eagle Boyfriend Tees on sale for $18

Yesterday My Hubby and i met up with our Best Friends for our first Patio Dinner out in 11 weeks. Although things looked a little different im still grateful we were able to get out and “Vibe” as i like to call it. I have been LOVING thees boyfriend Tees and they are on SALE so i was dying to share them with you guys. They run big (I wear a size medium for reference) but i like them that way because HELLLOOOO they’re boyfriends tees. I have 6 colors and have styled them with high waisted shorts, Biker Shorts and Leggings, they cover the booty which is a plus for me! When things start going back to a normal these Tees would be great for traveling since they are so comfy!


My Skincare Routine

Okay this has been a highly requested post but before i get into the details of my skincare routine, i have to let you know that this is MY own routine and although it works for me it might not work for you. i am NOT a professional so this is strictly my own opinions!

So i know this looks like allot but i find that in using different products my skin gets all that it needs to stay in a healthy condition. So for a little back story on my skin, i have medium skin its not dry but its not always super hydrated either, i also have a history of cystic acne due to an imbalance of hormones when i use to be on birth control. Because of that acne period i had to seek help from SEVERAL dermatologists and finally found one that works best for me. Now that i am off of pharmaceutical topicals this little routine works best for me.

i literally do this routine every single day so once i wake up i wash my face with warm water and the Green Cerave “foaming Facial Cleanser” to clean the skin. Now when i rinse my face i use really cold water to close those pores back up. Once i pat my face dry i put the Cerave “Daily Moisturizer” then i use the drunk elephant B and C Serums, it doesn’t matter what order i just use them both. I do wear makeup every day and i find that these products aren’t oily and dont leave a residue on the skin so my makeup glides right on.

Now i need to absolutely shower before bed every night so thats when i wash my face, since i wore makeup all day i need to do some extra cleaning and exfoliating so thats when i use the “Hydro Boost Cleansing Gel”, i then exfoliate with the “Hydro Boost Exfoliating Cleanser” and lastly i use one pump of the Tula “Keep it Clear Foam”. When i get out of the shower i use the Tula “Breakout Star” and then the Tula “Clear it Up” which act as my nightly moisturizers. I know its allot but my skin is very important to me and i like taking care of it.


Alive and Twenty Five!

WOWWW and just like that, i am 25 years old, im a few days late but i turned 25 on the 25th hehe apparently its my golden year and you know what im gonna receive that hahah! i am really excited to enter into this new year of my life as 24 was not the greatest for me for so many reasons but one of the big ones was that i had a serious health issue!

early April of 2019 i found a lump in my leg that was extremely painful and extremely HUGE! i talked with my hubby about it the day i found it but then i went to bed and forgot about it. The next day i went to the Gym and came back with pain in my leg and just thought nothing of the lump i had found and come easter Sunday i was up on stage leading worship and a sharp pain went down my leg and i instantly remembered that there was that lump i had found earlier that month. As im sure you could imagine, i panicked!!! i After church that day Mike took me into the ER, i was seen almost right away and the Doctor had me immediately do an ultrasound, as i waited for those results fear came over me like a cloud and all i once knew was no more. Once the doc came back with the results he said it was identified that i had a mass and that i needed a CT scan to see just how large of a mass we were dealing with so we waited.

After leaving the ER that day my life completely turned upside down and i felt completely broken, i now had this lump of who knows what and i was then left to see specialists and take tests and Biopsies! i was missing allot of work and trying to balance my life as best as i could and although i was doing this as “Normal” as possible my heart was broken. Somehow through it all i knew that everything was going to be alright no matter the outcome of the results and once i finally surrendered it all to Jesus i had answers! the rest of the year was still rough but i am proud and relieved to say that everything was going to be and still is fine. i had surgery to remove the mass in October and the recovery has been a challenge but once again by the grace of God, i am here and i am ALIVE… and im Twenty FIVE.

i want to dedicate this year to my Husband of almost 5 years, Hubby thank you for being my number one fan and walking along side me through the dark days and alsoooo the sunny ones! you are my BEST friend and my firm foundation! i love you Babe!

Lyss ♡♡♡

Walmart Home Refresh

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